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~ Proverb. 24:4


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Library Recommendation - 图书馆书籍介绍

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Tech Savvy Parenting - Navigating your child’s digital life

~ By Brian Housman

Written by a parent of teenagers for parents, the book offers practical tips on regulating and talking about the use of digital devices and internet, with teenagers.

Housman shares the latest research and observations on the dangers lurking in cyberspace for trusting users among children and teenagers. Some of the issues discussed are challenges of cyberbullying, online pornography, violence in video gaming, and dangers of online chatting with strangers.

Besides regulation and dialogue, Housman advocates actively protecting young people’s online reputation, as digital footprints last forever. To adopt his advice, readers can find informative tools on social networking etiquette, use of parental controls on devices, and privacy setting on social media platforms.



Be Right

~ By Brian Housman

A quick read for someone who is looking for more than an answer on how to be right, but for readers who are looking to be persuaded, as Apostle Paul did with his epistle to the Romans.

‘Be Right: A practical guide to discover how to be right with God, yourself, others’sounds like the go-to book. Theexposition on the topic is a commentary on the book of Romans. Concise and direct, Be Rightis light-reading commentary with practical applicationsas key.

Although the book is organised according to the themes in Romans, the practical perspectives are relevant to the readers as it discusses the Christian’s responsetoobserving the law, salvation, spiritual freedom and Christian living. More importantly, the last three chapters focus on relationships among Christians –intimes ofagreement and disagreement.





~ 作者:爱德华.韦尔契 Edward T. Welch







Free E-book Recommendation - 免费电子书介绍

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Alive to Wonder - Celebrating the Influence of C.S. Lewis

~ By John Piper
Call it “the immeasurable moment”—when we come across that sentence or phrase that unleashes a new glimpse of truth. The lights go on. We read it and reread it. We’re gripped to see more.

While it’s an experience that can happen when reading any good author, many would testify that it abounds when reading C. S. Lewis. Undoubtedly, this has been the case for John Piper. Even a cursory readingof Piper’s most foundational books will show Lewis’s influence. This book is a special collection of extended excerpts from Piper’s corpus where Lewis’s fingerprints are most vividly seen. It includes a freshly written introduction from Piper on the fiftieth anniversary of Lewis’s death.



The Pursuit of God

~ By A. W. Tozer
A Tozer challenges the reader to go deeper in his/her relationship with God.The Pursuit of God is an inspirational book that aims to guide those who wish to follow Christ.

It includes biblical teachings that emphasize the concept of pursuing God. The concept of seeking God should be evident in the context of obtaining a genuine relationship between the Creator and the creature.

Man must consider God as not only a creator, but the one who sustains life; hence, all creatures must depend solely on Him..




~ 作者:莱瑞·克莱布