Messages Past and Present


Worship Service via Youtube LiveStream

If you are unable to come to our church premises, you may wish to join our English Worship service via Youtube Live Stream. Click here to join in the English Worship every 10:00 am on Sunday mornings.

Listen To Past Messages

Our English Worship messages are now available online here.
We hope this helps connect our brethren who travel, reside overseas,
or are unable to join us regularly due to work or health reasons.

Certain messages are not on the website but are available upon request to our members.
Please contact our church office if you wish to obtain a CD of the message.


Parking Matters


We would like to seek the cooperation and understanding of motorists parking in Church premises on Sunday.

  • In the multi-storey carpark, do not park at spaces facing the "two inside slots" which have to be filled first.
  • Do not park in the yellow boxes.
  • Observe signals given by the traffic controller for the safety of all.

Click here to download the presentation video.

Click here to download the presentation video.


For those parking in church


Owing to the congested parking conditions during Sunday services, we now have a Parking Label for each driver to display on the driver's side of the dashboard so that he can be easily contactable when necessary.


The Parking Label is for PPCC members and regular visitors who drive to church. Parking labels are available at the Ushers' Desk.


Alternate car park


There are plenty of carpark lots available next door at the Alpha Building of Science Park II. It is just a one-minute drive or only a five-minutes walk away; it is a covered level parking and free of charge on Sundays.

Click here to download the video guide on the way to get there.