Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts the Lord - Ps 34:8

Experienced the tender mercies and goodness of God
Even before accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, my family tasted and experienced the tender mercies and goodness of God. When my father was in a financial straits in his life, having to care for 13 of his children, he found a greater purpose and hope not in his buddhist belief, but in Jesus Christ when the gospel was shared by his good friend, the late Pastor Phoa Hock Seng. After placing his faith in the true and living God, my father shared his faith by bringing my mother and the whole family to church.

At the tender age, I was exposed to the Gospel. Through weekly biblical teaching, my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word became clear. Man is a sinner and needs a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth and The Life. No man can ever reach God except through Him.

Step of faith in baptism
It was in my early childhood in a childlike faith, that I personally acknowledged my sin and accepted God’s free salvation. I took another step of faith in baptism when I was about 10 years old. As I grew into my teenage life, my faith often wavered until a timely message which reminded me that one is either in or out of God’s fold of salvation.

On 1 May 1965, I once again claimed God’s promise of salvation and used this special spiritual birthday to be reminded and assured of God’s unfailing promise that He will keep and save us to the very end. From then on, I grew in his faith and spiritual life serving God, not out of compulsion, but by love for Jesus Christ my Saviour and Lord.

Time really flies as we are now living in the 21st century. It reminds me of this timely statement which says, "Only one life, it will soon be past. Only what has done for Christ will last". By placing my faith in Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind and accepting Him as the Lord of my life, my family and I have indeed tasted and seen that Lord is truly good to all those who seek and trust Him as Saviour and Lord.

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