A Life Secured For Eternity

A testimony of Dn David Tan retracing the moment of conversion and the Lord's working in moulding a life.

Working live begins at the age of 17 after completing basic technical education. Then I found a job at a brick making factory while awaiting to be enlisted into national service. It is at this first job that I was introduced into Christianity. Through a colleague at this factory, I was invited to attend church service. The colleague brought me to the church Jesus Save Mission (JSM); and through it, I came to know many new friends in the Lord. After attending the services for about a year, I accepted the Lord as my Saviour and was baptised during a Good Friday service in 1978.

The Lord's Leading to PPCC
There was no major transformation despite being new in the faith because of the lack of knowledge in the Word of God. Hence spiritual growth became stagnant. Then in the year 1981, Jesus Save Mission was asked to halt its services due to some incidences. Members of the church started meeting at various homes. This turn of event has resulted in my drifting in search of a permanent place of worship. Being grounded in the non-ecumenical doctrine, I decided to attend only churches of like faith. Thus I attended several BP-churches, with the hope of being able to integrate into the congregation. However, it is at this time that I came to know that several former members of JSM are attending Pasir Panjang Christ Church (PPCC). After attending several of its services, I felt the Lord's leading and decided to drop my anchor and stop the drifting process.

At PPCC, though the congregation was small and the church was without a pastor in 1981, the fellowship was warm and encouraging. Spiritual growth began as I was actively involved in the Sunday School programmes and was able to contribute in the areas lacking support.

Serving in the Awana Club
In 1986, I joined the Awana Club as a leader. In that same year, I married Angela, the girl I came to know in PPCC through fellowship group activities. She has been a pillar of support in my church activities and the Lord has blessed us spiritually and given us three children.

The last 18 years of service in the Awana ministry has been the most blessed and rewarding time spent for the Lord. With the Lord's enablement, seeing precious young souls added to His kingdom encouraged me to continue serving Him in this ministry. The joy of being able to serve with many faithful co-workers in the ministry further encouraged me on.

As the Lord blesses us each day and year, let us occupy ourselves with His work, lest we be found idling and empty handed when He returns. Often we are busy with the things of this life which are temporal and often loose sight of things that are of eternal value.

I strongly encourage each believer to be actively involved in His work, whether be it small or great; the Lord will bless a willing heart. As for those that are still outside His kingdom, the door of opportunity will close when He returns or when life ends suddenly, so delay no further!

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