Read the sharings from our church members - about how God has led them to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and His continuous guiding and blessing as they now live their new lives for Him.




"In October 2003, I was diagnosed with nasal cancer but I never gave up my faith in God. I prayed to the Lord to heal me and after two months of outpatient medical treatment at NUH; God healed me of my cancer. Praise the Lord again!"
~ Elder Roger


"Sometimes I joined in the religious ceremonies at home and burnt joss sticks and paper incense. This was done out of obedience to my mother's instructions rather than out of belief in the gods that they worshipped. In fact, I was very skeptical of the supernatural and had always regarded their beliefs as superstitions."
~ Dn Patrick


"I was born into a Christian family. But that did not make me a Christian. I started going to church since I was a baby in my mother"s arms. But that too, did not make me a Christian. As a young boy, I knew many stories about Jesus and the great men of the Bible. Still, I was not saved..."
~ Dn Alan