Singing Hymns along Life’s Road

An Interview with Sis Kho Git Huay 许玉花姐妹的访谈

In this interview with Ptr McCoy Chow, 85-year-old Sis Kho Git Huay gives God praise as she recalls those who were instrumental in her family’s salvation and offers valuable advice to the younger generation. In Mandarin.



Sis Kho Git Huay (许玉花) was an immigrant from Indonesia. She grew up in a Christian family and had come to trust in the Lord as a teenager. “I remember once when I was too tired to take the long walk to church back in my village in Indonesia so I asked my mother to call an andong (horse-drawn carriage),” Sis Git Huay recalls. Till today, her mother’s reply to that innocent request remains etched in her mind. Sis Git Huay says: “My mother told me that we should save that money to give as offering in church.”

After settling down in Singapore, she got married and lived with her husband and parents-in-law in a kampong in Pasir Panjang. That was when she began to attend Pasir Panjang Christ Church, following house visitations made by Pastor Phoa Hock Seng.

Sis Git Huay recounts how she was taught to read from Psalms and sing hymns in Hokkien. “Pastor Phoa was very strict. He could tell who sang wrongly in the congregation,” she reveals with a chuckle. When asked what her favourite hymn was, the octogenarian immediately started singing in a pitch-perfect voice.

Indeed, praising God in song is an integral part of Sis Git Huay’s life. She says: “I was telling my granddaughter that she must serve God with sincerity and fortitude, but the road isn’t any easy one. And to egg her on, I want to choose the Hokkien hymn 一步一步走 (lit. Walk one step at a time) and have her learn it.”

She encourages the younger generation to have more patience in sharing the Gospel to the elderly, just like how Pastor Phoa had be instrumental in leading her parents-in-law to Christ through his continuous encouragement and guidance. She prays that today’s youngsters can strive to be effective witnesses to those in their golden age.

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