Remembering Pastor Phoa Hock Seng

An in-depth interview with Pastor James Phoa and Sister Nancy Phoa

Left to right: Sister Nancy, Pastor James Phoa, Sister Phyllis


Now based in the United States with his wife, Sister Phyllis, Pastor James was the pastor of Pasir Panjang Christ Church from 1981 to 1984. The Connecting our Generations team had the privilege to interview Pastor James when he was back in Singapore in 2012.

Together with his sibling, Sister Nancy, Pastor James shares recollections about their father, the late Pastor Phoa Hock Seng. Pastor James also gives his testimony of how God protected the family and the church members during the Japanese Occupation and the reason for his stand for spiritual separation when he was asked to return to Singapore to take on the role of pastor of PPCC.

Interview transcript

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