Connecting Our Generations


A journey of more than 75 years is a long march.


For Pasir Panjang Christ Church (PPCC) it began in 1937, at 368 Pasir Panjang Road in colonial Singapore, the year when George VI was newly crowned king of the United Kingdom. It endured the trauma of the Japanese occupation of Singapore in World War II from 1942 to 1945. Then PPCC was a country church, a two-storey house that was the home of the founding pastor Mr Phoa Hock Seng and his family. This was a rustic community of kampongs and private bungalows by the sea.


Today PPCC is an imposing building on the slope of Kent Ridge, still along the same stretch of the road. The landscape has transformed with a colony of condominiums, the National University of Singapore and the Science Park. But vestiges of the past are still found in PPCC in some familiar faces, and the strains of Hokien and Peranakan patois among the senior members of a new church population exceeding 250.


Certainly thousands of memories milestone the journey. We could only capture a precious selection of them in this microsite. Travel with these pilgrims, some even way-markers, as they recall all these years of God’s faithfulness in preserving the church on this extended sojourn. Their encounters with God have become the intangible heritage of this local church.


With this collection of live interviews and records we hope to remind all our members to be grateful and to give thanks to a gracious God. For indeed Great is His Faithfulness.


We want to express our deep appreciation to our members who so generously gave us their time to be interviewed. Our gratitude goes to the Connect-Our-Generations team who have put this microsite together. Above all we thank the Lord for making this project of preserving memories possible in His time.


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75 Years of Grace

In commemoration of Pasir Panjang Christ Church’s 75th anniversary in 2012, members share their memories about Pastor Phoa Hock Seng and the church’s early years.

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Remembering Pastor Phoa Hock Seng

Through personal testimonies and recollections of their father, Pastor James Phoa and his sister, Nancy provide valuable insights into PPCC’s formative years.

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Nurturing the Youth in the Lord

Pastor Dennis van Etten remembers the brethren’s zeal for the Lord while working closely with the Youth Ministry of PPCC in the ‘80s.

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Singing Hymns along Life's Road

85-year-old Sis Kho Git Huay gives God praise as she recalls those who were instrumental in her family’s salvation and offers valuable advice to the younger generation.

Singing Hymns along Life's Road